For Credit Professionals By Credit Professionals

Members have historically remained active in FMCA because of accurate credit reporting and informative monthly meetings.

Accurate Credit

Credit reports Reveal:

  • Account Payment Trends
  • High Credit
  • Percentage of Past Due

Risky accounts can be monitored monthly, quarterly, or annually by using the Recurring Report feature

& Collections

Claims & Collections

As a member owned association our top priority is to satisfy each shareholder. We tailor our collection service to suit an individual member’s needs. Collection efforts are tailored to unique claims.
Fmca’s collection arm is:
Commercial Association Resources 

& Meetings


Members have opportunities to network and develop professional relationships.

  • Monthly Interchange Meetings
  • Credit Bootcamps
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Annual Meetings

Credit Reporting & Collections

More information about the way we do reporting and collections
Third party credit reports feature data provided by D&B, Experian, and Ansonia

Canadian credit reports are also available using the business credit reports feature.

Receive the same tailor made collection service as our shareholders.

Customers receive the same collection services as our members and may track claims through FMCA’s Collection arm, Commercial Association Resources

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