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The Power of Networks in the Home Furnishings and Accessories Credit Industry

Networking is vitally important at FMCA, within the home furnishings and accessories industry, along with every other industry. Learning from those in your field and sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with others is critical of ongoing development. It’s hard work to build a strong network, but that investment of time and effort is more than worth it. 

With that said, networking is more challenging in the home furnishings and accessories credit industry than in most other niches. The reason is simple – this is a narrow field with a limited number of professionals. That, by no means, doesn’t mean you cannot build healthy professional networks; it just means you’ll have to work a little harder to find the right opportunities. 

Three Big Reasons to Network

Why prioritize networking in a credit manager’s career? The benefits can be many, but these three points below are a great start –

  • Learn from mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and those mistakes are an opportunity for growth. Rather than growing from only your own mistakes, networking with other home furnishings credit professionals allows you to learn from errors made by others in your field – allowing you to avoid those missteps in your career. 
  • Stay current. As a credit manager, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of using the same metrics and tools year after year. But what if new ideas and technologies are available to improve performance? Networking will keep you “in the loop” and up-to-date on the latest in the field. 
  • Find opportunities. Establishing connections in the home furnishing and accessories industry could open up exciting new opportunities for career growth. Whether you hope to find a position in a new company or advance your role within your current organization, networking can open up possibilities that would not exist otherwise. 

Use Events to Your Advantage

Industry events tend to be hot spots for networking, and it’s no different in the home furnishings and accessories industry. There are plenty of events throughout the year that provide professionals an opportunity to interact with customers and competitors productively. At FMCA, we maintain a calendar of events that you can monitor for exciting networking opportunities. 

The Las Vegas Market and the High Point Market are two great examples of events that should grab your attention. These annual home furnishings events draw some of the biggest names and customers in the industry. Since they are on opposite sides of the country, one is sure to be within a quick trip of your home. 

Start Growing Your Network Today

There is no better tool to grow your network in the home furnishings and accessories credit industry than the Furniture Manufacturers Credit Association (FMCA). At FMCA, we offer our members countless opportunities to interact with other experienced professionals in their field. Beyond networking, we also provide other valuable benefits such as credit reporting, collections, and education events. If you would like to join or request more information, get started by contacting us right away. Thank you for visiting FMCA!

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